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Q. Has Hungary taken on the Euro?
A. No, Hungary is a member of the European Union, but the Euro is not in circulation.
The national currency is the Hungarian forint (HUF).

Q. What's this about taxi problems?
A. Almost all the taxis in Budapest are licensed, with standard pricing (so there's no negotiating prices). Some adhere to strict rules whereas some don't.
Basically, any taxi with a company name and telephone number on the side is legi and won't rip you off.

Q. Can Hungary & Thirsty book my flights?
A. No, you will need to book direct or go through an appropriate travel agent to book any flights.
Airlines currently flying direct to Budapest from the UK & Ireland are:

Aer Lingus (Dublin)
British Airways (Heathrow)
Easyjet (Gatwick)
Jet2 (East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester)
Ryanair (Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Stansted)
Wizz Air (Luton)

Q. Can I change money in the UK?
A. You can, but you'll generally get a much better exchange rate in Hungary.
You can also find cash machines and exchange bureaus throughout the city, the locations of which you'll find on your personalised maps. The airport and railway exchange kiosks offer 20% less than in town.

Q. Will I get a better rate from some geezer on the street?
A. Absolutely not. It's illegal and always a scam. You'll either be given old Romanian notes, or newspaper cuttings.

Q. Which hotels/hostels do you use?
A. We only use accommodation in the centre of Budapest.
With our hotels the nearest bar is only ever a few minutes away.

Q. Is it true that Hungarian women are incredibly attractive?
A. This is a non-sexist site and we refuse to comment.

Q. Oh go on.
A. Alright it's true.

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